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2012, short documentary, director: Igor Bezinović, 8 min. 


In June 2011 we asked the workers of the "Mali Losinj" shipyard in Croatia to film their everyday life during two weeks. Regarding the debate about shipbuilding as a Croatian strategic national industry, we edited the workers' footage in an eight minute participative film named "Self-Governed Film". Film is produced by Skver Art Festival and Restart Laboratory, it was shot by the workers Mladen Mihailović, Igor Toić and Izidor Volpato, and Igor Bezinović, Josip Bolonić and Iva Mrkić contributed to the project.

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General data

Author of the concept and director: Igor Bezinović 
Cinematographers: Mladen Mihailović, Igor Toić i Izidor Volpato (wokers of Škver)
Editor: Iva Mrkić
Producers: Oliver Sertić i Vanja Jambrović
Executive producer: Dunja Janković
Paintor: Anna Ehrlemark
Thanks: Josip Bolonić, Jovica Lončar
Production company: Restart Laboratorij
Duration: 8'
Year: 2012.