Production - Finished films_short - UNITED FRONT OF OPPORTUNISTS


2016, mid-length documentary, directors: Dejan Oblak and Vedran Senjanović, 44 min. 
Co-Production: Student TV - Croatia


UNITED FRONT OF OPPORTUNISTS - trailer from Restart on Vimeo.

"United Front of Opportunists" follows the candidacy of the eponymous political party in Croatian parliamentary elections. It is represented by students of political science, whose main political goal was a parody of the entire democratic election process present in Croatia today. The documentary follows 14 candidates and the way they manage themselves on the political field. Hilarious experiment with even more hilarious consequences.   

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General data

Directors and scriptwriters: Dejan Oblak and Vedran Senjanović
Editors: Hrvoje Mršić, Dejan Oblak
Cinematographers: NLO
Sound editors and Sound re-recording mixers: Borna Buljević and Tihomir Vrbanec
Color grading: Fran Sokolić 
Producers: Vanja Jambrović and Oliver Sertić
Co-producers: Tena Perišin, Igor Mirković
Production manager: Tibor Keser
Production: RESTART
Co-production: Student TV

Duration: 44'
Shooting format: HD
Year: 2016.