Production - In production - DAYS OF MADNESS


2017., feature-length documentary, director: Damian Nenadić, 75 min.
Restart in co-production with Petra Pan Film Production (Slovenia)


What if we are actually not insane?

Maja and Mladen, considering themselves mentally diverse, not ill, decided to break free from what seemed like a never-ending string of failed medical treatments. We follow their stories as they communicate the inner turmoil. An intimate look into a world that is probably vastly more terrifying and complicated than their own. The film is trying to grasp what is quintessential – the feeling of being accepted and secure.

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General data

anticipated completion: 2017
director and scriptwriter: Damian Nenadić
producer: Oliver Sertić
co-producer: Petra Seliškar
cinematographers: Maja Šćukanec, Mladen Bađun, Srđan Kovačević, Damian Nenadić
editor: Sandra Bastašić
music: Filip Sertić
executive producer/production manager: Tibor Keser
associate producer: Vanja Jambrović, 
aditional camera: Brand Ferro

anticipated film duration: 75' / 50' (TV version)
shooting locations: Zagreb and surroundings, Slovenia
shooting technique: HD, HDV, DV (private footages filmed by protagonists)