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2017., feature-length creative documentary, director and scriptwriter: Matjaž Ivanišin, 60 min. 


"Playing Men" is an essayistic travelogue guided by faces and stories of games and of their players. Structured as a diary of a journey to the southern parts of Europe (Slovenia, Italy, France, Croatia and Turkey), the film will introduce men, young and old alike, from the Mediterranean that meet just as their ancestors were meeting - to play games. In the rough countryside regions that lie behind the slopes which ascend from the coastline and stretch into the countries, the director and his two-members crew will integrate into the local communities to observe in them different old and traditional social games, its players, theirs faces, gestures and voices, and research through this the male nature. The direction of this journey will be directed by a fascination about playing and about the human’s need to socialize. In this sense, the film will also be a document of the fear of loneliness and abandonment. 

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General data

Director and scriptwriter: Matjaž Ivanišin
DOP: Gregor Božič  
Producer: Marina Gumzi, Nosorogi, Slovenia
Co-producers: Vanja Jambrović, Tibor Keser, Restart (Croatia)

Year: 2017.
Duration: 60 min.