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2019., documentary short, director: Katerina Duda, 16 min. 


The plants are the only ones remaining in the vacant business building. In this large and once lavish space, the gardener still maintains the plants, which have become part of its architecture. She sifts through the ones in pots and prepares them for their relocation. The plants which used to reign over this imposing interior in the eighties now construct a new temporality in this building void of people. Apart from the gardener, a single fireman watches over the empty building, doing absurd rounds, and maintaining for no one.


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General data

director and scriptwriter: Katerina Duda
producers: Vanja Jambrovic / Tibor Keser / Oliver Sertic
co-producers: Ana Kovacic / Lea Vene
cinematographers: Katerina Duda / Drazen Zerjav
editor: Iva Ivan
sound recordists: Filip Filipi / Filip Ledinscak / Matija Santro
sound editor: Srdan Popovic
re-recording mixers: Tihomir Vrbanec / Luka Gamulin
animation: Katerina Duda
colorist: Jurica Markovic
production managers: Tibor Keser / Vanja Jambrovic
mentor: Nebojsa Slijepcevic
graphic designer: Petra Milicki
technical support: Ivan Granic / Mislav Scukanec Reznicek

production: Restart / Restart Laboratory in collaboration with GMK