Production - Finished films_short - CROATIA E(N)DEN ON EARTH


2007., short documentary, director: Oliver Sertić, 31 min
Coproduction: Center for peace studies, Fade In – Croatia


In July 2004. Law on Asylum was applied in Croatia. In next 2 years 300 people asked for an asylum in our country but nobody got it until November 2006. Answer why is in this documentary. While we were discovering why Croatian institutions are not ready to cope with integration of immigrants in our society, we followed campaign of Centre for peace studies.

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General data


Authors: Oliver Sertić, asylum team of Centre of Peace Studies
Director and producer: Oliver Sertić
Associate producers: Emina Bužinkić, Gordan Bosanac (CMS), Magdalena Petrović (fade in)
Cinematographers: Tatjana Božić, Josip Ivančić, Ana Hušman, Robert Raos, Srđan Kovačević, Tomislav Šango
Editor: Žarko Korać
Music: Filip Sertić, Bilk
Production copmany: Restart/Centar za mirovne studije/fade in

Duration: 31 min.
Format: DV
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Original language: croatian, russian, albanian, english

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