Production - In pre-In production - STRIKE HARD


2018., short documentary, director: Oliver Sertić


Strike Hard is a documentary film about a social experiment of several Queer activists who want to establish the first Croatian gay football team in order to compete in the local county league. Extreme homophobia in sports is quite widespread and it is especially visible in ‘untouchable’ bastion of Machismo - football. Because of the attitude that gays are not capable of playing football well, because they don’t have the strength and the spark needed to play, a part of the Queer scene in Zagreb decided to fight homophobia on the football field to explore, and sometimes provoke emotions, around the ‘second most important thing in the world’. They try to find more players, train and in the end win in the county league in order to encourage other gays in sports, as well as to break taboos and stereotypes about them. 

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General data

Expected completition date: end of 2018

Director: Oliver Sertić
Producer: Vanja Jambrović
Production company: Restart

Year: 2018
Shooting Format: HD