News - Last ABC of Film workshops in 2019

Last ABC of Film workshops in 2019

Monday, 25.11.2019

Do you want to learn stop-motion technique and learn how objects in a movie move on their own?. Interested in making music in film and want to create your own atmosphere in movie scenes through music? Or are you curious about what optical sound is and how sounds a light bulb, a cell phone screen, or a flash?

Depending on your age, take a look at one of the workshops on offical website. Program is run by the Restart and all workshops are free of charge thanks to the financial support of the Croatian Audiovisual Center and the Croatian Film Directors Association.

Last ABC of Film workshops in 2019


It is intended for children from 5 to 7 years.
The workshop will be held at the MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE - MAMA at Preradovićeva 18.
Date and time:
1.12. Sunday (10: 00-11: 00) - music: Ivana Đula, Luka Vrbanić
8:12. Sunday (10: 00-11: 00) - photo: Vanja Babic, Vanda Kreutz
15.12 Sunday (10: 00-11: 00) - video: Vanja Babic, Vanda Kreutz
22.12. Sunday (10: 00-11: 00) - sound: Vanja Babić, Vanda Kreutz

We will be using a stop-motion technique to find out how the objects in the film move on their own. As well as the process of making and formatting music for a movie. In order to make us aware, first and foremost, of the role of music in film. We will listen to the sounds that surround us, record what we hear and listen to. We are going to think about the role of sound in a film that triggers a variety of emotions in the viewer of the film: soothing, fearful, disturbing, inciting feelings of hatred or sympathy. Eventually, we will create the illusion of movement and little by little from one object to another, changing their positions and shapes to get their own story.



Intended for elementary school children (grades 5 through 8)
The workshop will be held in the premises of POGON - Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth at Trnjanska struga 34.
Date and time:
8.12. Sunday (14:00 - 17:00) - instrumental production: Sara Salamon, Hrvoje Spudić
15.12. Sunday (2pm - 5pm) - video: Vanja Babic, Vanda Kreutz
22.12. Sunday (2pm - 5pm) - Music: Tin Dozic, Vanda Kreutz
Workshop provides young people an insight into understanding the world as a space filled with waves (frequencies) and the ability to translate light vibrations into sound. With a phototransistor it is possible to read the vibration of each light source and translate it into the human auditory spectrum. The workshop will analyze the sounds of light bulbs, cellphone and flash screens and produce an instrument that uses these environmental resources as a sound generator. During the workshop, simple devices will be developed for translating light vibrations into sound (phototransistor, capacitor, battery, speaker). Using the device, participants will create a rotating instrument in which they will add their own samples of different shapes (foils, drawings ...) to modify the frequencies found. We will convert the drawn drawings into video and then make sound.


The school of documentary film

Škola dokumentarnog filma
The school of documentary film is taking place in Zagreb once a year and it is conceived as an intensive programme held by international tutors as well as those from Restart. They will be teaching the participants about basic and advanced skills needed to make their own documentary film.


Film Catalogue 2020

Institutional Support

Nacionalna zaklada za razvoj civilnog društva