documentary film production of renowned authors and newcomers


extensive educational programs and various specialized workshops


Restart Label runs the distribution of creative documentaries on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia


Dokukino KIC is a unique documentary cinema in the region
Two awards to Restart’s projects at Industry Days @ AJB DOC

Two awards to Restart’s projects at Industry Days @ AJB DOC

The second edition of the Industry Days@AJB DOC, organized by Al Jazeera Documentary Channel and Al Jazeera Balkans, just finished in Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina). All together, 22 documentary projects were presented in three categories: Main Pitch, Work in Progress and Balkan Stars, in front of around 50 commission editors, sales agents and documentary professionals.

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The Kurds

Jerko Bakotin, Nikola Kuprešanin | HR | 4 x 52' | 2018/2019


Nebojša Slijepčević | HR | 72' | 2018


Anja Strelec, Tomislava Jukić | HR | 43' | 2016


Katerina Duda | HR | 30' | 2024


Jelena Bosanac, Tanja Brzaković | HR, RS | 70' | 2024


Anton Mezulić | HR, FR | 2024

School of Documentary Film

The School of Documentary Film is a five-month intensive programme run by tutors from both Croatia and abroad who will provide the participants with basic and advanced skills needed to film their own documentary.

ABC of Film

The ABC of Film is an educational programme Restart started in 2013 with the intention of applying an innovative and original approaches to film education from an early age.


Guest appearances by international documentary filmmakers in Zagreb, professionals from various production areas: direction, production, filming, editing, criticism and the like.

Film Afternoon

Intended for elderly people – pensioners and users of homes for the elderly and infirm.

Think With Film

Screenings of documentary films, analyzes and discussions of valuable and award-winning films, with which we want to educate and empower young people in the areas of personal and social development

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