Fairy Garden

Fanni Kertje / Vilinski vrt

About film

Director: Gergő Somogyvári
Screenplay: Gergő Somogyvári, Zsolt Pocsai
DOP: Gergő Somogyvári
Editor: Judit Feszt
Sound designers and re-recording mixers: Florin Tabacaru, Marius Leftarache
Story editor: Anna Kis
Composer: Viktor Bátki

Producers: Nóra Somogyvári, Gergő Somogyvári (New Retina Productions)
Co-producers: Sára László (Campfilm), Oliver Sertić (Restart)
Production: New Retina Productions (HU)
Co-production: Avanpost (RO), Campfilm (HU), Restart (HR)

language: Hungarian


Pitched and presented at:

DOCU ROUGH CUT BOUTIQUE 2022, Sofia BG, Budapest HU, Sarajevo BA – HBO MAX Award and Avantpost Post Production Service Award

Gergő Somogyvári is a Budapest-based cinematographer and documentary director. After studying photography and journalism, he graduated from the University of Film and Drama (SZFE) as a cinematographer in 2008. For 14 years he has worked both in fiction and non-fiction projects as DOP and directed 5 short and mid-length documentaries screened internationally on TV and festivals. In 2008, his experimental doc “Carta Azulejo / Tile Mail” received the most prestigious national award, the Main Prize of the Hungarian Film Week. “Fairy Garden” is his first feature-length documentary.


2015 – TRANS DUNA / TRANS RIVER, documentary serial
2012 – RIKSALÁZ / RICKSHAW RUSH, documentary
2009 – YAD HANNA / THE COLLECTIVE MAN, documentary
2008 – CSEMPELEVÉL / CARTA AZULEJO / TILE MAIL  short documentary
2007 – LANTERNA / LANTERNA, documentary

Fairy Garden

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