Funne: Sea Dreaming Girls

Funne - Le ragazze che sognavano il mare I Funne: Djevojke koje sanjaju more

About film

Director and scriptwriter: Katia Bernardi
DOP: Nicola Cattani, Simone Cargnoni, Sebastiano Luca Insinga
Editor: Diego Volpi
Sound designer: Giovanni Buccomino
Music: Matej Meštrović, Andrea Gattico, Vincenzo Marando
Producers: Alessandro Carroli, (EiE Film, Italy), Luigi Pepe (Jump Cut, Italy), Katia Bernardi (Chocolat, Italy)
Co-producers: Vanja Jambrović, Tibor Keser (Restart, Croatia)

EiE Film (IT), Jump Cut (IT) & Chocolat (IT) in co-production with Restart (HR)

Film is part of the program KINO MEDITERAN 2017. In the framework of this program film will be screened at approximately 20 Croatian islands.



Katia Bernardi is a graduate in film history and was awarded with the “Under 30” prize at the International Backstage Festival of Bologna in 1998. She has been working for different production companies, among the others: Filmmaster (Rome), Colorado (Milan), and as television director for the channel Cinecinema Tele +. In 2004 with Rodolfo Concer she founded the production company KR Movie. Until now she mosty directed TV documentaries. “Funne: Sea Dreaming Girls” will be her first feature documentary film.

Funne: Sea Dreaming Girls

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