Mother Europe

Mama Evropa I Mama Europa

About film

Director: Petra Seliškar
Scriptwriters: Petra Seliškar, Terra Ferro Seliškar
DOP: Brand Ferro
Editor: Katrin Ebersohn
Animators: Katrin Ebersohn, Daniel Freymuller
Sound designer: Vladimir Rakić
Sound recordist: Ivan Antić
Composer: Vladimir Rakić
Second camera: Pablo Ferro

Producers: Petra Seliškar, Brand Ferro (Petra Pan Film, PPFP)
Co-producers: Oliver Sertić (Restart, HR), Bojan Mastilović (Restart, SI)
Executive producers: Vanja Jambrović, Petra Trampuž Bocevska, Petrula Veljanovska
Production: Petra Pan Film (SI), PPFP (HR)
Co-production: Restart (HR), Restart (SI)

Languages: Slovenian, Macedonian, Italian, Croatian
Working title: Visaless



Petra Seliškar was born in 1978 in Ljubljana, Her first childhood passion was the theater which brought her to join the puppet theater and school GILS KODUM. After finishing high school, she went to the Netherlands to study directing at the Academy of film and television (BA Hons. Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie). She later pursued undergraduate studies in directing and postgraduate studies of production at the the Northern media school in Sheffield in England. In 2003 she founded the Petra Pan Film Production, which primarily produces and distributes documentary films. She now lives and works in Ljubljana, Skopje and elsewhere around Europe. She is the proud mother of Terra and Nil.

Mother Europe

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