Wall of Death, and All That

Zid smrti, i tako to

About film

Director & screenwriter: Mladen Kovačević
DOP: Pablo Ferro Živanović
Editor: Jelena Maksimović
Sound designer: Aleksandar Protić
Sound recordist: Ivan Antić
Composer: Nemanja Mosurović

Producer: Mladen Kovačević (Horopter)
Co-Producer: Tibor Keser (Restart)
Associate producers: Oliver Sertić, Vanja Jambrović
Production: Horopter (RS)
Co-Production: Restart (HR)

Language: Serbian

Mladen Kovačević’s films have been selected to hundreds of festivals including Rotterdam,  Karlovy Vary, Visions du Réel, IDFA, Hot Docs, DOK Leipzig, CPH:DOX, FIDMarseille, where they won numerous awards. In the last several years, he has directed UNPLUGGED (2013), WALL OF DEATH AND ALL THAT (2016), 4 YEARS IN 10 MINUTES (2018), and MERRY CHRISTMAS, YIWU (2020), ANOTHER SPRING (2022). Presently, he’s in production of the documentary BEGINNINGS: POSSIBILITY OF PARADISE, and in development of the fiction feature BEHIND THE CURTAINS, BEHIND THE TREES.

Wall of Death, and All That

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