Rear Admiral


About film

Director and sceenwriter: Mladen Ivanović
Cinematographers: Ivan Čojbašić, Damian Nenadić
Sound recordist: Viktor Grabar
Assistant editor: Maja Predrijevac

Producers: Oliver Sertić (Restart), Ivan Đurović (Artikulacija Film)
Associate producer: Vanja Jambrović
Production assistants: Zrinka Košar, Marija Vlahović
Production: Restart (HR), Artikulacija Film (ME)

Languages: Montenegrian, Croatian


The project was developed and pitched at:

  • DOK SERBIA 2019, Belgrade, RS – best project in development
  • BELDOCS ACADEMY 2019, Belgrade, RS
  • INDUSTRY DAYS@AJB DOC 2023, Sarajevo, BA – Balkan Stars – Beldocs Pitching Award



Mladen Ivanović was born on 1987 in Podgorica, Montenegro. He studied at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts Cetinje, Montenegro and enrolled in the MA -documentary film at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Croatia in 2020. He directed several short and one mid-length documentary, several music videos and TV commercials. The film ‘In Between’ won Debutante Film Award at Balkan New Film Festival in Stockholm, Sweden. From 2015 Mladen is working as transactional analysis coach. At the moment he is developing his feature documentary debut ‘Rear Admiral’.

Rear Admiral

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