So Far, Kandahar

Daleko je Kandahar

About film

Director and screenwriter: Anita Čeko
Cinematographers: Andrea Kaštelan, Anita Čeko
Editor: Dora Slakoper

Producer: Oliver Sertić
Associate producer: Vanja Jambrović
Production: Restart

Language: Croatian


Developed at:

Anita Čeko has an MA in Film Dramaturgy from the Academy of Dramatic Art and in Psychology from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb. She is currently training for a psychodrama therapist at the Centre of Psychodrama in Zagreb, and works as a writer and dramaturgist, as well as in film education of children, adolescents and adults. Her script ‘Viktorija’, (2020), won at the Ars Septima association open call, ‘Čudna jada’ (2014) was developed under the Branko Bauer screenwriting programme of the Croatian Film Directors Guild and ‘I bili smo pingvini’ (2013), later developed as a TV drama serial (director: Ivan Sikavica). As a co-writer she collaborated on the development of the TV drama serial ‘Sjene u mraku’ for Castor Media production company. With the associations Shadow Casters, Children Meet Art and Art Factory she collaborated as an author and teacher of film courses for children, adolescents and adults. For Croatian Television’s children’s program she adapted fairy tales for the youngest audience (2019). She writes plays as well and takes part in theatrical projects as a dramaturgist. Since 2021 she has taken part in the international eight-month event New Stages South-East organised by the Goethe Institute, developing a play. Since 2008 she has been attending local and international workshops in film and theatre. An active member of the SPID professional association and Kinoklub Zagreb, where she made her first films. She independently directed two documentaries ‘An Apple, Three Toast, a Yoghurt’ (2019) and ‘Blizina’ (2019), screened at numerous festivals.

So Far, Kandahar

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