About film

Directors: Jelena Bosanac, Tanja Brzaković

Scriptwriters: Jelena Bosanac, Tanja Brzaković

Producer: Vanja Jambrović

Co-producer: Nebojša Miljković

Production company: Restart (HR)

Co-production company: Talas Film (RS)

Jelena Bosanac was born in Virovitica, Croatia. From 2006 to 2011, she studied acting at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade in the class of Mirjana Karanović. After her studies, she went to Italy to work with the theatre group Baal Teatro. In 2012, she got a role in the German-Serbian theatre play “Froesche im hot Wassen”. Jelena then decided to continue her master’s degree in Germany. She studied MA Performance Studies in Hamburg and then a master’s degree in theatre education at UdK in Berlin (graduated in 2018). Before her studies, she worked as an “au pair” in Germany, that experience inspired her to shoot her first documentary film “The Road to Hollywood” (2019). She has acted in numerous short films in Germany, including Vanished (2018), Gottes Wille (2019), Home (2020), Saint Helena (2022), Istina (2023). Jelena lives in Berlin and works as a freelance actress, performer, theatre teacher and director.

Tanja Brzaković born in Belgrade, studied film and TV directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. This study was followed by postgraduate studies at the University of Hamburg. Worked as assistant director and director in Belgrade, Hamburg and Berlin, screenwriter and assistant professor. Thanks to my many years of experience, she had the opportunity to direct 15 short feature films and documentaries, and four full-length documentaries. Tanja’s films have been screened at international festivals around the world and have won several awards, such as at the Shoking Short Award / 13th Street Festival, Sehsüchte in Potsdam, Munich – Silver Award for German Short Film, Bergischer Filmpreis, Golden Knight in Palermo. She is a recipient of scholarships from the Nipkow Program and the Künstlerinnen Programm of the City of Berlin. She is a member of the European Film Academy.


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