Wind, Talk to Me

Vetre, pričaj sa mnom

About film

Director and scriptwriter: Stefan Đorđević
DOP: Marko Brdar
Editor: Dragan von Petrović
Sound designer: Julij Zornik
Colorist: Tomislav Stojanović
Set designer: Dragana Baćović
Costume designer: Biljana Grgur

Producer: Dragana Jovović (Non-Aligned Films)
Co-producers: Jožko Rutar (Spok Film), Vanja Jambrović (Restart)
Production: Non-Aligned Films (RS)
Co-production: Spok Film (SI) & Restart (HR)

Stefan Đorđević
Negrica Đorđević
Boško Đorđević
Budimir Jovanović
Ljiljana Jovanović
Ana Petrović
Marina Davidović
Đorđe Davidović
Vidak Davidović
Milorad Mijailović
Igor Benčina
Pas Lija

FILM CENTER SERBIA (RS) – project development, production
CREATIVE EUROPE MEDIA – project development
VIBA FILM (SI) – automatic support

Stefan Đorđević was born in 1987 in Bor. After he moved to Belgrade for his studies, his previous main interest, skateboarding, was replaced by film and photography. The amateur film “Crap”, which he directed, was the inspiration for the feature film “Tilva Roš” by Nikola Ležaić, and in the same film Stefan plays one of the two main roles. “Tilva Roš” won the Heart of Sarajevo for the best film in 2010 and was nominated for European Discovery by the European Film Academy. He completed basic and master’s studies in Camera at the “Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade”. He graduated with the short feature film “Kamen u ruci” directed by Stefan Ivančić, which premiered in the ACID program of the Cannes Film Festival. The short feature film “Poslednja slika o ocu”, which he signed as screenwriter and director, had its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival and won the Young Jury Award for the best international short film. The film went on to win awards at the festivals: Heart of Sarajevo at Sarajevo FF, Zagreb FF, Author’s Film Festival, Huesca IFF, Dokufest and was selected for over 50 international festivals. “Wind, Talk to Me” will be his feature debut as a director and screenwriter.

Wind, Talk to Me

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