Wishing on a Star

Pod sretnom zvijezdom

About film

Director: Peter Kerekes
Scriptwriters: Erica Barbiani & Peter Kerekes
DOP: Martin Kollar
Producers: Erica Barbiani, Lucia Candelpergher (Videomante)
Co-producers: Peter Kerkes, (Peter Kerkes Films), Vanja Jambrovic (Restart), Mischief Films (Austria), Artcam Films (Czech Republic), Levante Films (Brasil)

  • Fondo Audiovisivo Friuli Venezia Giulia – development and distribution
  • CNC best pitch award
  • FVG Film Commission
  • YLE
  • Volos (Executive Producer Taiwan)
  • Slovak Film Fund – minority co-production support
  • Slovak TV
  • MG from distributor FILMTOPIA
  • ARTE/ZDF La Lucarne
  • Czech Film Fund – minority co-production support
  • HAVC – minority co-production support

Born in 1973, Košice, Slovakia, Peter Kerekes has directed many award winning documentaries. Although he initially wanted to direct fiction films, his first documentary about the Slovak poet Erik Groch swayed his interest towards this form of film expression. Since 2003, he has been working with the same consolidated creative team: Martin Kollar as DOP, and Marek Sulik as editor. His filmography includes documentaries such as “Velvet Terrorists” (2013.) and “Cooking History” (2009).

Wishing on a Star

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