Hudo vreme

About film

Directors and scriptwriters: Anja Strelec, Tomislava Jukić
Cinematographers: Anja Strelec, Tomislava Jukić
Sound recordists: Anja Strelec, Tomislava Jukić
Editor: Denis Golenja

Producers: Vanja Jambrović, Tibor Keser
Associate producer: Oliver Sertić
Production: Restart


  • Oporto Superior Artístic School – ESAP (Porto, Portugal)
  • ESAV – École Supérieure d’AudioVisuel (Toulouse, France)

Anja Strelec was born in 1985 in Varaždin, where she finished First Gymnasium Varaždin. During her high school education she was participating in several state competitions in photography, and exhibiting her works on several regional and international exhibitions, as well as on the independent exhibition ”Vagonaši” which deals with the social theme of people who live on the train station. In 2008 she finished the studies of journalism at the Faculty of Political Sciences. After finishing faculty, she was working in Argentina in several cities as a teacher of Croatian language and history for Croatian emigrants and their descendants. In 2009 she got an international scholarship Eurodysee which enabled her to work in Bruxelles in the Spanish regional office on European projects and on promoting Croatian counties. ”Važno je zvati se Kovačević” (The Importance of Being Kovačević) is her first documentary film, and it is produced and distributed by Restart laboratory. At the moment she is living and working in Montpellier in France, where she is attending postgraduate studies in film and audio-visual production.

Tomislava Jukić graduated from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb and she works as a lawyer. She was active in amateur theatre – theatre troupeTheatron led by professor B. Barlek in Gymnasium Varaždin, SKS Labos led by D. Patafta, the first edition of Festival of Culture at the Student Centre in Zagreb, workshop of ambience theatre led by Z. Burić and H. F. Larsenin 2010, several months in educational-cultural-artistic association Sunce. She attended the following film workshops: Videoaktiv – FADE IN in 2012 and Blank in 2013. She filmed herd ocumentary film debut with her colleague Anja and is currently writing a script for a short film.


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