Ana Square

Ana trg

About film

Director and scriptwriter: Jelena Novaković
Cinematographer:Wolfram Huke
Editor: Hrvoslava Brkušić
Sound designers: Ivan Zelić, Denis Golenja,Filip Sertić
Composers: I-TAL JAM
Additional camera: Bojana Burnać

Producers: Oliver Sertić, Vanja Jambrović
Production: Restart Laboratory

Language: Croatian

Film was produced in the framework of Restart Laboratory – mentorship program for new authors.

Film was developed at School for Documentary Films 2011


program Restart Laboratory is financially supported by Croatian Audiovisual Centre and City of Zagreb

Jelena Novaković was born in 1980 in Zagreb. She graduated from the departments of sociology and information science at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Zagreb and obtained a master’s degree in “European Studies” at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Zagreb. She is an independent filmmaker with 20 years of experience working with regional and international organisations and within a multicultural environment, and since 2010 she has been working for the British Council. In 2009, she attended the Attack – Medika Film Workshop, and in 2011 she finished Restart’s School of documentary film. In 2015, she finished her short documentary ‘Ana Square’, which was shown at 30 national and international festivals and awarded eight awards. “Learning to Walk 2” is her first medium-length film.

Ana Square

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