Artist on Vacation

Umjetnik na odmoru

About film

Directors: Sandra Bastašić, Damian Nenadić
Cinematographer:Damian Nenadić
Editor: Sandra Bastašić
Additional camera: Aleš Sudac

Producers: Oliver Sertić, Vanja Jambrović (Restart Laboratory)
Co-producer and author of the concept: Marinko Sudac
Production: Restart Laboratory (HR)
Co-production: Marinko Sudac
In cooperation with: The Institute for researching the Avant-garde and Melange production

Languages: English, Croatian

Film was produced in the framework of Restart Laboratory – mentorship program for new authors.

Sandra Bastašić was born 1983 in Zagreb. In 2013 she earned her degree at The Faculty of Teacher Education of the University of Zagreb, and in 2014 her Master’s degree in Film and TV Editing at Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. She’s currently working as editor on different film genres and forms, and other related position in audiovisual projects. In 2014, after she finished her studies with thesis Dematerialisation of film titles – a comparative analysis of the transition from the material in the virtual, area of her creative interest became film titles and animation in contemporary art.

Damian Nenadić finished study of ecology at Zagreb University of nature sciences. He has working on field of nature for 6 years. On island of Cres he was coordinating the program of biodiversity protection and assisting the program of protection of griffon vultures, later also involved in similar projects in Spain and Portugal. He had numerous exhibition in different medias in which he explores relationship between man and nature. Currently working as photographer for several Croatian magazines, also directing and filming music videos. Three years ago he started study D.O.P. at Academy od Drama Art in Zagreb. Currently working on his first feature documentary ’Days of Madness’.

Artist on Vacation

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