About film

Director and scriptwriter: Katerina Duda
Producers: Vanja Jambrović, Tibor Keser, Oliver Sertić
Co-producers: Ana Kovačić, Lea Vene
Cinematographers: Katerina Duda, Dražen Žerjav
Editor: Iva Ivan
Sound recordists: Filip Filipi, Filip Ledinščak, Matija Santro
Sound editor: Srđan Popović
Re-recording mixers: Tihomir Vrbanec, Luka Gamulin
Animation: Katerina Duda
Colorist: Jurica Marković
Production managers: Tibor Keser, Vanja Jambrović
Mentor: Nebojša Slijepčević
Graphic designer: Petra Milički
Technical support: Ivan Granić, Mislav Šćukanec Rezniček

Production: Restart / Restart Laboratory in collaboration with GMK

Film was produced in the framework of Restart Laboratory – mentorship program for new authors.


Katerina Duda (b. 1989) mastered Animated film and New Media at the Academy of Fine arts, and Sociology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. In her artistic practice she starts from the specific space, researching how space and certain microlocations reflect wider social changes. In her work she uses a variety of media such as social practice, actions, and interventions in public space, as well as documentary film and video. She participated in numerous exhibitions, film festival, group and solo projects, in Croatia and abroad.


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