I’m Nobody

I'm nobody

About film

Director: Barbara Matejčić, Nina Urumov
Cinematographers: Nina Urumov, Barbara Matejčić
Editor: Sandra Bastašić
Producer: Oliver Sertić, Ana Hušman
Mentors: Ana Hušman, Nebojša Slijepčević, Elida Mesaros Lajko, Romana Zajec
Production company: Restart, Zavod Voluntariat, Omladinski centar Ck13

Restart (HR) in co-production with Zavod voluntariat (SI) & CK13 (RS)



  • Gallery Greta Zagreb – screening of the film in the framework of the gallery program / 2013

Barbara Matejčić is an award-winning freelance journalist, non-fiction writer, researcher, and audio documentarist focused on social affairs and human rights in the Balkan region. She writes for Croatian and international media and produces multimedia projects. Barbara has been cooperating with renowned global partners, including UNHCR,  Roma Education Fund , and the Council of Europe. In 2014, she was awarded the Croatian Journalists’ Association award for best print journalist in Croatia. She was awarded for the best coverage of LGBT issues in Croatia (2011), she was a winner of a “Krunoslav Sukic” award for promotion of peace, non-violence and human rights (2013) and she was shortlisted for the 2021 European Press Prize. She holds a degree in Croatian language and literature, and has been selected for several European fellowships such as the Milena Jesenska Fellowship.

Nina Urumov was born in 1984 in Zagreb, where she finished Faculty of Law. During the studies she volunteered at UNHCR Croatia, ZAGIMUN and on Zagreb Film Festival. She attended several workshops of documentary film in Zagreb. ”I am Nobody” is her first film.

I’m Nobody

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