Real Man’s Film

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Director and cinematographer: Nebojša Slijepčević
Editor: Nebojša Slijepčević
Producer: Vanja Jambrović
Design and sound design: Davor Tatić, studio Petnaesta umjetnost
Film design: Irena Mihalinec
Production company: Restart





  • Gallery Greta Zagreb – screening of the film in the framework of the gallery program / February 2014
  • Cinema THE STUDIO in Grasse, France – workshop of Politically-motivated Films / May 2014
  • Fotogalleriet [Format], Malmö, Sweden – exhibition “Shadows in War” / August 2015
  • SARAJEVO FILM FESTIVAL 2012, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Human rights award for the best documentary film treating human rights topics
  • IFOLT 2013, Kosice, Slovakia – Golden Beggar award for the best production company film
  • OPUZEN FILM FESTIVAL 2013, Opuzen, Croatia – Best Croatian short film

Nebojša Slijepčević is a screenwriter and film director from Zagreb, Croatia. He has directed numerous creative documentaries (Srbenka, Gangster of Love, Something about Life, Real Man’s Film, In 4 Years, Of Cows and People). His films have been shown at many international festivals, including IDFA, Hot Docs and Karlovy Vary Film Festival. His most successful film “Srbenka” has won more than 20 festival awards and it has been shortlisted for European Film Awards. Nebojsa is an artistic director for documentary film at production company “Zagreb film” and a lecturer at Academy of Dramatic Arts, in Zagreb.

Real Man’s Film

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