Salt, Olive, Stone

Sol, maslina, kamen

About film

Director and scriptwriter:  Branko Vilus
DOP: Branko Vilus
Editor:Branko Vilus
Sound designers and mixers: Krešimir Korade, Držislav Korade, BraTJa
Sound recordists: Krešimir Korade, Eva Pavlinušić

Producers: Oliver Sertić, Vanja Jambrović
Executive producer: Eva Pavlinušić
Production: Restart

No dialogue

Branko Vilus was born in Zagreb in 1973, where he finished School for Applied Arts and Design and the Faculty of Teacher Education.  Since 1990 he is an active member of ‘’Zelena akcija’’. As a projects leader in ‘’Zelena akcija’’, he started to make short activist video materials. Since 2002 he is working as a cameraman, editor and director on the projects for several shows for HTV (Croatian national television), Nova TV, Croatian Film Association and for Associated Press, as well as projects for T-com, Vidi-tv, Unicef, UNDP and others. Since 2004 he has been working as an educator in the programme of video education of Restart. He is the founder of Sisak Eco Film Festival. His first documentary film ‘’Predsjednički vlak’’ (President Train, 2009) was shown on six international festivals, and won the award for the best documentary film on Luksuz Festival in Krško (Slovenia). ”Salt, Olive, Stone” (2013) is his second documentary.

Salt, Olive, Stone

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