The Importance Of Being Kovačević

Važno je zvati se Kovačević

About film

Director and cinematographer: Anja Strelec
Cinematographers: Anja Strelec, Iva Marković, Maja Klaić, Gabriel Kovačević
Editors: Anja Strelec, Branko Vilus
Music: Iva Galović, Erol Zejnilović
Mentor: Nebojša Slijepčević
Producers: Vanja Jambrović i Oliver Sertić
Production company: Restart Laboratorij

Film was produced in the framework of Restart Laboratory – mentorship program for new authors.



  •  22.12.2011. – Varaždin, CROATIA (Rogoz) / local premiere and presentation of RESTART


Anja Strelec  was born in 1985. in Varaždin, Croatia.  In 2008. she graduated Faculty for journalism and political sciences in Zagreb. After graduating she was working for several years in Argentina as Croatian language teacher for descendants of Croatian emigrants. In 2009. she started working in Bruxelles in Spanish regional European Union office. The importance of being Kovačević is her first creative documentary film as director. She lived in France for one year where she attended master school of film and audiovisual production. At the moment she is working on her second documentary film.

The Importance Of Being Kovačević

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