The Last Rafter

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About film

Director: Drago Toroman  
Cinematographer: Drago Toroman  
Editor: Drago Toroman
Sound designer: Vlada Božić
GraphicsDejan Oblak 
Mentors: Ana Hušman, Nebojša Slijepčević
Producers: Vanja Jambrović, Oliver Sertić  
Production: Restart Laboratory

Film was produced in the framework of Restart Laboratory – mentorship program for new authors.

Film was developed through framework of School of Documentary Films 2011.



  • SREM FILM FESTIVAL 2014, Ruma, Serbia – Golden Ladybug for the best film in the category ‘Tourism’
  • ETNOFilm 2015, Rovinj, Croatia – Special Mention by Jury Member Ines Prica

Drago Toroman was born in 1955. and today he lives in Zagreb. He has been involved in photogrphy and film for many years. He started making short documentary films in Super8 format and as the thehnology developed he switched to digital tehnique. He is currently working on a film What We People Are.

The Last Rafter

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