Laboratory - In production - BOSNIAN BROADWAY


2021, mid-length documentary, director: Jasmina Beširević


The American Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina is organizing a cultural exchange project which will bring together 15 younger generation actors from 3 different cities - Sarajevo, Tuzla, and Banja Luka - so that together with 3 American dance theater artists they can produce a musical comedy - '25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee'. One of the goals of the project is to offer the opportunity for actors from different backgrounds and surroundings to cooperate, to shatter the prejudice they may be had from growing up in post-war Bosnian society which is still, by many accounts, divided by ethnicity. The film will follow the making of the play, from the first auditions and trials until the big premiere night in Sarajevo and a tour across the whole country.

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General data

Scriptwriter, director and cinematographer: Jasmina Beširević
Editor: Iva Ivan
Sound designer: Srđan Popović
Producers: Tibor Keser, Vanja Jambrović
Production assistant: Luana Lojić
Production: Restart Laboratorij
Supported by: American Embassy in BIH