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2023, feature documentary, director: Anton Mezulić 



In a small Croatian municipality of Vojnić with barely four thousand inhabitants, there are two cultural associations, two churches, two separate cemeteries, two football clubs and - two janitors who are taking care of their own half of the pitch. Both football clubs are training on the same stadium calling it differently. Since the mid-2000s, Serbian returnees and Croats immigrated from Bosnia and Herzegovina are trying to live together. A quarter-century has passed since the end of the war and Operation Storm, but these two national groups still cannot agree on how to build their future together, and the present is taking place on parallel tracks. But one thing they share no matter the nationality, all young people want to emigrate.

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General data

Director and script: Anton Mezulić

DOP: Bojan Mrđenović

Producer: Oliver Sertić

Executive producer: Suzana Erbežnik

Associate producer: Vanja Jambrović